Diversity, pleasure, tolerance

Team that offers this site presents a beautiful diversity : women, men; all ages (we cover about three generations); people from the North, people from the South; very different experiences. Our vision and our practice of the barefooting reflect shimmering this diversity : some practice daily, others more occasionally. Some prefer mountain trails, others smooth tiles of the malls. That is why you read here contrasting points of view. Don't see no contradiction, it is the expression of our diversity. Because before being barefooters, we are like others, all different, and not members of a sect closed in on itself. We have in common one thing : the pleasure of walking or running barefoot. Pleasure that we invite you to discover and share. Icing on the cake, in this fun, adding more benefits for our body and the environment. We are not either a claiming minority. We do ask no more but respect from the shoe-wearing vast majority, that we respect ourselves.